If you book a tee time on either golf course before 11:00am, you will be booking a tee time in a potential “FROST DELAY AREA”.  In the event of a frost delay, all scheduled tee times prior to the lifting of the frost delay will be cancelled.  For example, if the first tee time of the day is 9 A.M. and our Golf Course Superintendent determines the course is available for play beginning at 10 A.M., then players in the 10 A.M. tee time will be the first tee time for that day, and all scheduled tee times earlier than 10 A.M. will be cancelled, resulting in no delays for the remainder of the day.  Those players, whose tee times were cancelled due to the frost delay, may choose to play at an available tee time later in the day if there is a tee time or tee times available.

The golf shop will email out a notice first thing regarding the anticipated RESTART TIME due to the frost delay so it is important on cool crisp mornings to check your email for any message from the golf shop.

Any abuse of the system or “double booking” to challenge the system will result in the loss of booking privileges…PLEASE DO NOT BOOK TWO TEE TIMES (ONE EARLY ONE LATE) IN AN ATTEMPT TO MANIPULATE THE SYSTEM.