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Club Update – Power Cart Policies

Alert Alert!!

WE ARE BUSY!!  A very, very busy and early start up has given us a large increase in golf traffic and with that comes additional power cart wear and tear.  Our superintendent, Adrien Van Dyk, has asked that we communicate our POWER CART POLICY AND ETIQUETTE program to you.  Agreeing with his request, we ask that you read the important cart reminders below and we thank you for adhering to these points.

  1. Two Players Per Cart
    To minimize cart traffic lines and wear and tear from power cart traffic on the golf course, we are asking all golfers to ensure that when riding or taking a cart they partner with someone who is doing the same.  Almost all golf courses in the valley already adhere to this program, and we are asking that you do the same to ensure that our golf course remains the best conditioned in the valley.  This means, “no three carts” in a group and “no two singles in two separate carts” in a group.  Our first tee hosts will help with any cart transitions and or partnerships necessary at the first tee, and we ask that you work with them to ensure we follow our cart etiquette and policy program.
  2. No Riding on Back of Power Cart
    Riding on the back of a power cart is VERY DANGEROUS.  It is 100% NOT ALLOWED here at our facility because we do not want anyone to be seriously hurt.  On behalf of all of us at the facility who care about all of you playing at our facility, PLEASE DO NOT RIDE ON THE BACK OF THE CART AT ANY TIME.
  3. Roped Areas
    Additional roped areas and cart traffic directional signs may be noticeable over the next few weeks and we ask that all do their best to avoid roped off areas and to follow the directional signs. These ropes and directional signs ensure that areas already worn down from cart traffic and foot traffic avoid long term damage and are able to fully recover in a fast and efficient manner.   Thank you for following “our” direction!!

Happy Golfing and Happy Carting!!