Booking a Time

Online Booking

Online booking opens at 7:00am 8 days in advance

Please note that online booking is unavailable for Shotgun Bookings & Men’s Night Bookings (need to follow phone in booking procedures)

1)Returning Members

  • If you are a returning member you should already be setup with an online booking account.
  • Your user name will be the email address you receive your golf confirmation emails to.
  • Your password will be the one that you setup last season.
  • If you are having trouble please contact the Golf Shop and we can send you a password reset email

2)New Members

  • If you are new to the club in 2018 or were not setup for online booking last season you will need to setup a new online booking account.
  • You should have received an “Invite to join the member online booking”
  • You will click the link in this email and follow the prompts to create a password.
  • If you do not have a copy of your invite please contact James Grassie.

How to book?

  • To Search for your desired tee time, enter in the date that you want to play or click on the calendar button.
  • The highlighted days on the calendar indicates available days that can be searched.
  • Select the time you would like to play
  • Select the number of players you would like to book for (2-8 players available online)
  • Select the facility that you desire to search for times (Bear, Quail or check off both if you have no preference)
  • When you have completed entering your play information, click “Search” to continue.
  • On mobile version you will now get results of your search showing the 10 nearest tee times to your request.
  • On desktop computer you will have the option to view tee sheet.
  • Find the time you wish to book and click the blue “Book” button located in the right hand column

On the following page you can enter the other player names and then click “Finish Booking”.

Additional Information

My Profile

  • In the My Profile section you are able to update your password.  Please note that we do not have access to view your password for the member online booking.

My Reservations

  • In this section you can view all upcoming reservations you have booked on the tee sheet.  This includes your online bookings, bookings you have made phoning in or bookings other people have made and have included your name on.
  • With the “Action” button to the right of the tee time you can do the following actions: (1) View Details of your reservation  (2) Edit the Players on the reservation  (3) Cancel the reservation (please note that once a tee time is within 24 hours there will not be a cancel option.  To cancel a tee time on the day of the booking you will still need to call the Golf Shop.)


  • You can create a buddy list of your regular friends that you golf with.
  • To add a buddy click the “search for a buddy” button and type the name of the member you are looking for.
  • Once you find the member you want to add as a buddy click the “+” button and that member is added to your buddy list.
  • When you book new tee times and you add your buddy to the the time all players will receive a confirmation email.
  • We encourage everyone to use the buddy list and try and enter all players names when booking tee times online.  It makes the check in process much easier for the Golf Shop team.

Phone In Booking

  • Call in for tee times starts at 8:00am sharp (earlier calls will no be booked).  Please observe your advanced booking privileges as noted below.
  • Golf Shop 250-765-5955

Booking Restrictions

All membership types have booking restrictions in regards to how far in advance you may book, please see the list below.  We have made online booking available to all club members this year.

  • Full Play Members– 7 days advance booking (online 8 days)
  • Corporate Pass Members– 7 days advance booking (online 8 days)
  • Bear Mid-Week Members– 7 days advance booking (online 8 days)
  • Unlimited Corporate Members– 5 days advance booking (online 6 days)
  • Graduate Members– 5 days advance booking (online 6 days)
  • Intermediate Members– 5 days advance booking (online 6 days)
  • Ladies Night Twilight Members– 3 days advance booking
  • Labatt Men’s Night Twilight Members– 3 days advance booking
  • Junior Members– 1 day advance booking

 If you are still having difficulty please contact James Grassie at 250.765.5955 or