• All lady members of the Okanagan Golf Club (including corporate members) are welcome to play on Wednesday Ladies Day
  • Members may bring guests who can play at a discounted rate of $60 including cart


  • Every Wednesday morning. Please see the Ladies Day schedule for dates.


  • Wednesday Ladies Day offers the membership an opportunity to meet and have fun playing golf with new and different ladies and to learn and apply the rules and etiquette of golf.
  • While you may sign up as a foursome or twosome, most players sign up as individuals.
  • Unless otherwise required by the game, you may choose to play from either the Silver, Combo or Red tees.
  • Refer to the “Schedule of Games” page for more detailed information about game day.


  • On Wednesday you will receive an email from the OGC Ladies Day Captain with information on the game for the upcoming week and an invitation to sign up.
  • Please respond by return email to ogcladiesdaycaptain@gmail.com before Sunday evening at 8:00 pm indicating your intention to play and from which tee box, and whether you will be using a manual push cart, electric push cart or riding cart. Handicaps will be frozen on the Sunday before game day at 8:00 p.m.
  • On Monday you will receive an email with Wednesday’s draw.
  • Once the draw has been published, if you must cancel or to have your name added (assuming there is room) by contacting the Pro Shop directly at 250-765-5955.
  • On Wednesday game day, pay your $5 game fee in the Pro Shop and an optional $2 for the Deuce Pot. Guests are welcome to play but do not pay the game fee nor pay into the Deuce Pot, thus are not eligible for the game prizes.  Plan to stay for lunch after the round.  You must be in attendance for any draw prizes.

General Reminders:

  • Unless specified by the game, you can play fromany tee box:  Silver, Combo or Red.
  • For games played frommixed tees, course handicaps must be adjusted according to the tees played. The difference is two strokes between each of the ladies’ tees.  Calculate your course handicap based on your index and the slope for the tee box you choose.  If all three tees are in play, Red plays with a full course handicap, Combo adds two strokes to her course handicap and Silver adds four strokes to her course handicap if playing Quail, three strokes if playing Bear.   For example, if Red’s handicap is 18, she plays to an 18; if Combo’s handicap is 15, she adjusts to 17; and if Silver player’s handicap is 12, she adjusts to 15 on Bear, 16 on Quail.  If this seems confusing, just ask someone and we’ll help you work it out.
  • To participate in the game, members pay in the Pro Shop before play: $5.00 for the game and an optional $2.00 for the Deuce Pot. You must pay the game fee to be eligible for the Deuce Pot and the draw prizes.  If you’ve paid your game fee and subsequently withdraw from the game or are disqualified, you remain eligible for skill prizes, the Deuce Pot and, if present after the round, draw prizes.
  • Hand in your signed scorecard with your name, the tee box from which you played, and your adjusted handicap for that tee box.  Note on the card any chip-ins or deuces in your group and record these in the appropriate column on the Deuce Pot/Chip-In Sheet provided by the Ladies Day Captain.
  • Post your adjusted score (using the Equitable Stroke Control formula) as soon as possible to update your handicap.
  • At the beginning of the season select the tees you will use for the Ringer Board throughout the season and update your scores each week in the binder that will be provided each week.
  • Enter any birdies and eagles in the Birdie Book. Birdies must have occurred during a Wednesday Ladies Day. Eagles from any round at the OGC are eligible and must be attested by a player in your group.