Ladies Day will begin on June 10 – September 30th, 2020. In order to mitigate the risks of COVID -19, we have established some protocols to be followed for Ladies Day. In particular, we feel it is important to reduce the handling of money and scorecards, along with abiding by the Golf Club’s existing protocols. We trust that you understand the importance of flexible and creative thinking during this challenging time and hope that you will consider joining us on Ladies Day!

Please carefully read the protocols below as we have quite a few changes to our typical Ladies Day procedures. The most significant change is having members pay an upfront $36 fee to create a budget for the games; this fee must be paid by June 1st. This allows us to avoid the handling of money and provides us with a small budget to provide prize payouts. The other significant change pertains to the handling of scorecards. At the end of the game, one player will take a picture of the scorecard and text or email this photo to Lorna.

Protocols for 2020 Golf Season for Wednesday, Ladies Day

  1. Ladies Day Fee: To avoid the handling of money, each player who wishes to play in Ladies Day, regardless of the number of days you play, will pay an upfront fee of $36 ($35 for game fee and $1 for service fee) by June 1stonline using your credit card. This fee will be non-refundable as the funds will become the budget used for prize payouts throughout the season. Those who enter after June 1st will also be required to pay the same $36 fee (no prorating will be provided). Those who do not pay the fee but wish to play, can do so, but they will not participate in the game of the day. Please use the following link to pay the $35 fee; $1 will be added as a service fee:  https://okanagan.golfems2.com/event/ladies-day-2020
  2. Games/Skill Prizes: There will be no KPs, no LPs and no deuce pots. To simplify procedures, the Stableford scoring system will be played each week.
  3. Registration: Each week, players register to play by replying by Sunday evening 8:00 pm to the email sent out each Wednesday by Lorna Schroeder (ogcladiesdaycaptain@gmail.com).
  4. The Draw: The draw is developed and sent out to all players by Monday evening with associated tee times; any changes (additions/cancellations) to the draw are done by the player through the Golf Shop. The draw will be built into foursomes to help limit add-ons and changes through the Golf Shop, if you wish to play please register in advance instead of after the draw has been released.
  5. Check-In: Players will check-in at the bag drop area.
  6. Club Protocols: The established Golf Club’s protocols remain in place for power carts and walking carts, arriving no earlier than 20 min prior to tee time, use of the driving range (if you have a driving range pass) for warm up only, no removing flags, maintaining 6ft of distance between players, and leaving immediately after the game (see website for full list of Club protocols).
  7. Ladies Day Special Rules:
    • Putting: All putts are to be holed out. If a putt bounces out of the hole due to the pool noodle please use rule 3.3 of Rules of Handicapping: When using most likely score, the player should consider the number of strokes most likely required to complete the hole, and determine whether the ball would have been holed or not.  Most likely score is at the player’s best judgment and should not be used to gain an unfair advantage.
    • Bunkers: All balls coming to rest in a bunker may be lifted, the bunker foot raked and replaced.
  8. Power Carts: Club Carts are limited so players are encouraged to walk when possible.
  9. Scoring: One person in the group will keep the scorecard for the group. After the game, the card is reviewed with the group members and then a picture of the card is either emailed to Lorna (lkshome@shaw.ca) or texted to her (778-215-5090) on the same day.
  10. Results and Payouts: Lorna will calculate the winners of the games and send out an email with the results of the game. The winnings will go into a Credit Book established by the Golf Shop. These funds can be used to purchase items in the Golf Shop.

Please Remember:

  • Pay your $36 fee to play the weekly game
  • Always socially distance yourself from other players and staff members
  • Take any other individual precautions that you feel are necessary for your safety
  • Stay home or leave early, if you are not feeling well
  • Plans may be altered based on updated information