Ladies Day starts on Wednesday, May 5 thru to September 29th, 2021.

The Okanagan Golf Club has established protocols to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 outlined on the website and newsletters which we will be following again this year. We will not be  handling money or scorecards. We trust that you understand the importance of flexible and creative thinking during this challenging time. These protocols may be changed or altered as the season progresses.

  2. GAMES/SKILL PRIZES: There will be no KPs, LPs or deuce pots. The Stableford scoring system will be played each week. Players will require a Handicap Index.  There will be no Ringer Board or Birdie Books.
  3. REGISTRATION: Each week, players register to play by replying by 4:00 pm Sunday to the email sent out each Wednesday. Those who do not pay the fee but wish to play, (if tee times are available); can do so, but they will not participate in the game prizes
  4. THE DRAW: The Foursome Draws are sent out to all players by Monday evening with associated tee times. Ladies Day draws are created to allow players to meet and golf with all the ladies in the club.  Any changes (additions/cancellations) to the draw are done by the player through the Golf Shop. (250-765-5955)
  5. CHECK-IN: Players will check-in at the bag drop area.
    1. Putting: All putts are to be holed out. Flags are to be left in place.
    2. Bunkers: Rakes have been removed. All balls coming to rest in a bunker may be lifted, the bunker foot raked, and the ball replaced.  (No Penalty)
    3. Smooth out the sand after your shot with a club or your foot to the best of your ability.
  7. SCORING: One person in the group will keep the scorecard for the group.  After the game, the card is reviewed by the players, and then a picture of the card is either emailed to Karen at:  ogcladiesdaycaptain@gmail.com or texted: (250-801-7597) on the same day. 
  8. RESULTS AND PAYOUTS: The golfers will be divided up equally into 3 or 4 handicap flights; based on the number of players. The winning 4 players in each flight will be calculated and results emailed. The winners will receive their payouts at the end of the season on Golf BC cards. These funds can be spent in the Golf Shop or the restaurant and do not expire at the end of the golf season