Match Play


Order of Play – Rule 6.4a

  1. On the first tee, the honour is decided by the order of the draw.
  2. After both players start a hole, the ball that is farther from the hole is to be played first.
  3. The player that wins the hole has the honour on the next tee.
  4. If a hole is halved, the player that had the honour on the previous hole, retains it.
  5. There is no penalty if a player plays out of turn…BUT the opponent may immediately require her to cancel the stroke and replay in the correct order.
  6. The lower handicap player plays to a 0 (scratch) and the higher handicap player receives the number of strokes that is the difference between the two player’s handicaps. eg. Player A has a course handicap of 10 and player B has a course handicap of 15, Player B will get 5 strokes for this match. She will get one stroke on each of the stroke index allocation holes 1 – 5.


Result of hole and match – Rule 3.2a

  1. You win a hole when you complete the hole in fewer net strokes than your opponent.
  2. You tie a hole (also known as halved) when you and your opponent complete the hole in the same number of strokes.
  3. You win a match when you lead your opponent by more holes than remain to be played.
  4. If your match is tied after the final hole, the match is extended one hole at a time until there is a winner. (If the higher handicap is to receive strokes on an extended play hole, she also receives them on those holes in this playoff).


Concessions – Rule 3.2b

  1. You may concede your opponent’s next stroke, a hole or the match, but a concession is only made when it is clearly communicated.
  2. A concession is final – you cannot withdraw it once made and your opponent cannot decline the concession.
  3. Once conceded the player may putt out or not – it makes no difference to the result of the hole.

Your Responsibility in Match Play – Rule 3.2d

  1. Tell your opponent the right number of strokes you have taken when asked.
  2. Make your opponent aware as soon as possible after you get a penalty.
  3. Know the match score.
  4. If you and your opponent disagree whether one of you has breached a Rule, you may protect your rights by asking for a ruling.
  5. If you know or believe that your opponent has breached a Rule that has a penalty, you may act on it or choose to ignore it.


General  Rules- same Rules as Stroke Play, but with different penalties

  1. If you and your opponent play each other’s ball during play of a hole, the first to make a stroke at a wrong ball—loss of hole.

If it is not known which wrong ball was played first, there is no penalty and the hole must be played out with the balls exchanged.

Rule 6.3c

  1. During a round, you must not give or ask for advice. Loss of hole.  Rule 10.2a

Covid Rules for the 2020 season

  1. Putting: All putts are to be holed out. If a putt bounces our of the hole because of the pool noodles, please use Rule 3.3 of Rules of Handicapping: When using most likely score, the player should consider the number of strokes most likely required to complete the hole, and determine whether the ball would have been holed or not.  Most likely score is at the player’s best judgment and should not be used to gain an unfair advantage.
  2. Bunkers: All balls coming to rest in a bunker, may be lifted, the bunker foot raked,  and the ball replaced.

Partners match play (Challenges)

  1. In partner’s match play, all of the above Rules apply. In addition, the partners may choose to play their balls in whichever order the two of them prefer, as long as this does not delay the game.
  2. If one of the players hits a wrong ball, she is disqualified from the hole. Her partner is not disqualified.