Match Play

OGC Ladies Club Match Play Event

The OGC Ladies Club Match Play Event is an elimination match play tournament which runs throughout the season and is a great way to learn and be comfortable with this style of play.  You will have an opportunity to golf with some great ladies who, like you, are members of the Okanagan Golf Club.  Match play is also the format used for the Interclub Challenges and for the Solheim Cup.


  • The first sixteen full play OGC Ladies Club members with a current handicap to sign up will play. Additional names will go on an alternate list, but substitutions will only be made prior to the opening round on June 1st.


  • The sign-up sheet will be posted from May 1st– May 20th, 2019 on the bulletin board in the ladies’ locker room and the initial pairings will be posted there prior to June 1. Play is through the months of June, July, August and September.  Each match must be played by the last day of the respective month for that round.
  • The players are responsible for contacting one another to arrange their matches within the time frame allowed for each round throughout the competition.


  • The Handicap committee will decide which course the matches will be played on for this golf season. Matches can be played from the tee of each player’s choice with the appropriate equitable handicap adjustment between tees as per Golf Canada guidelines and as outlined on the Handicap Chair webpage, as well as being posted on bulletin board in the ladies’ locker room.
  • The rules of Match Play apply to all games, and play moves forward by elimination rounds. Players are guaranteed two games – a loss of the first match moves the player to the consolation round.
  • A prize is awarded at the end of the season to the last lady standing on both the winning and the consolation side of the tournament.


  • In match play, the player with the lower handicap plays fromscratch (no strokes). The player with the higher handicap takes the number of strokes equal to the difference between her handicap and that of the lower handicap player. EXAMPLE:  a player with 18 handicaps strokes takes no strokes, while her opponent with a 22 handicap gets one stroke on each of the four most difficult holes.
  • The match is played hole by hole: each hole is won by the player with the lower net score for that hole and the match is won by the player who is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played.  If there is a tie after 18 holes, the match continues, beginning again from Hole # 1 until one player is declared a winner.
  • Match play rules are different from stroke play rules. A few examples are:  (1) the order of play – the player further from the holealways plays first, on or off the green; (2) most rule infractions result in loss of hole rather than penalty strokes; and, (3) in match play, whoever wins a hole tees off first on the next hole (“takes the honours”), unlike stroke play where ready golf may be used to speed up play.
  • All match play games must be posted for handicap purposes.