New Member Website

New Member Website


Welcome to the new online home for the Okanagan Golf Club members.  We will use this site to facilitate our league play for Men’s Night, Ladies Day, Senior Men’s and Senior Ladies. In addition there will be this blog where you can stay in the loop with posts from our Superintendent- Adrien, Executive Chef- Brian, Head Pro- Cam, and Director of Instruction-Clay.

We have also gone a more environmentally friendly direction for the Roster Books this season with an online version. It is password protected page so only the members have direct access to it. The password will be sent out to all the members once our roster is closer to finalized for the season.

Any feedback or suggestions for the new site are more than welcome.

How to comment?
To post a comment on the blog here it requires you to log on.  It seems a bit confusing at first but it is actually quite simple.  When you go to type a comment in will show you 4 icons below; Disqus, Facebook, Twitter & Gmail.  These are your 4 different options to sign in and post your comment so feel free to click the icon of option you would like to use. They will prompt you saying Disqus is accessing your information, do no be alarmed about this as they are all perfectly safe to use,  it just lets us see your name and profile picture.