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Online Booking

Member Online Booking is Now Live!

We officially launched our new member online booking system on Monday,  We are happy to see lots of members already using the online booking.

After a couple days of use we just wanted to touch base with how it is working so far and provide a little more information.

One request we have for all members booking online is to try and include all the player names in the group.  To do this there are two options.

Option 1 – (Preferred option) In the Buddy section search and add regular members that you play with to your buddy list.  Then when making a booking click the “Actions” button beside (Player 2), (Player 3) & (Player 4) and add a member from the buddy list.  This is the preferred option as it connects to that members profile with us and will automatically send them a confirmation number.  As well the tee time would now show up under their “My Reservations” section.  We really want to encourage all members to use the “Buddies” section as it provides us as well as your player partners with all the information for the tee time.

Option 2 – Manually type in the names where it lists (Player 2), (Player 3) & (Player 4).  This option will not send any of the players but it at least lets the Golf Shop staff know who is playing.

To keep tee time availability fair for all members we have restricted it to only allow you to book a maximum of TWO groups of four players on a given day.

Below is a copy of the original email that was sent out with all of the details about the online booking system.

A reminder that you will be given an EXTRA DAY advance booking when you do so online.  For example for Full members that book 7 days in advance, the online booking will open up at 8:00am 8 days in advance of the day you are booking for.

How to Login?

1)Returning Members

  • If you are a returning member you should already be setup with an online booking account.
  • Your user name will be the email address you receive your golf confirmation emails to.
  • Your password will be:  golf
  • Once logged in you may go to your profile and update your password.

2)New Members

  • If you are new to the club in 2016 or were not setup for online booking last season you will need to setup a new online booking account.
  • Shortly after this email goes out you will receive a second email which is your “Invite to join the member online booking”
  • You will click the link in this email and follow the prompts to create a password.

To access the online booking please click the link below

Additional Information

My Profile

  • In the My Profile section you are able to update your password.  Please note that we do not have access to view your password for the member online booking.

My Reservations

  • In this section you can view all upcoming reservations you have booked on the tee sheet.  This includes your online bookings, bookings you have made phoning in or bookings other people have made and have included your name on.
  • With the “Action” button to the right of the tee time you can do the following actions: (1) View Details of your reservation  (2) Edit the Players on the reservation  (3) Cancel the reservation (please note that once a tee time is within 24 hours there will not be a cancel option.  To cancel a tee time on the day of the booking you will still need to call the Golf Shop.)


  • New for 2016 you can create a buddy list of your regular friends that you golf with.
  • To add a buddy click the “search for a buddy” button and type the name of the member you are looking for.
  • Once you find the member you want to add as a buddy click the “+” button and that member is added to your buddy list.
  • When you book new tee times and you add your buddy to the the time all players will receive a confirmation email.

In the upcoming weeks we will schedule an in person training session that members can attend and view a walk through of how the entire online booking system and process works.

If you are having any issues with the online booking please contact James Grassie at or by phoning the golf club.